Oral Presentation Guideline


  • Each presenter will be given a time slot of 10 minutes to present their findings, followed by 3 minutes of answering questions and 2 minutes for the audience to change rooms or to change presenters at the podium.

  • As the schedule of presentation sessions is tight, it is of the utmost importance that all presentersare ready and on time for their presentations. The introduction of each presenter will be kept brief when introduced by the chair. In order for the audience to move between sessions, we will keep the scheduled starting time for each presentation, even if the previous author does not require the full 15 minutes allowed

  • All oral presenters/speakers are advised to upload any slides/PowerPoint presentations they will be using using the guidelines below.

    • Save the file with a name that includes your oral presentation number and abstract title, according to the following format (Session/slot/number)_(presentation title), for example: S2.S2.N3.Drone Application and Rinskor™ Active Development in China.ppt

    • Upload your presentation on site 1 day before your presentation time At Slide Preview room (Thai Chakkraphat room 1 Level 2

  • Technical staff at the venue will prepare all oral presentations in advance by making sure that the scheduled presentations are available on the presentation computer in the respective conference rooms in good time for the presentations.

  • To make sure presentations run smoothly during the sessions you are expected to use the computer provided by IWSC conference team while giving your presentation.

  • In the “Speaker Room,” you may also preview your presentation on a computer with the same setup as the one used in your session. If you have any questions or need of help, please contact our Conference team on site.

Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park
Bangkok, Thailand
4th - 9th December 2022