The abstract is contingent upon, at least one of the authors,registering in the congress and has paid the registration fee and the abstract has been corrected based on the request of the Main Topic Organizers by October the 20th. If none of the abstract’s authors pay registration fees by October the 20th, the abstract will not be included in the final program.

Title Authors Presentation
Keynote Speaker
Tackling global crop production challenges for sustainable food and nutrition security Martin Kropff Keynote Speaker
Machine learning and advanced control systems expand the reach of physical weed control tools Steven Fennimore Keynote Speaker
Weed Management in 2050: Perspectives on the Future of Weed Science James Westwood | David Slaughter | Pam Keynote Speaker
Genome Editing in Agriculture: Opportunities and Enablers Chunhe Qu Keynote Speaker
Weed management: A necessary evolution. Renaud Deval Keynote Speaker
HRAC Global works to promote worldwide sustainable stewardship of weed Caio Rossi | Roland Beffa | Gael Le Goupil Keynote Speaker
Panel on Weed Management in Asia
Developing and adapting weed management strategies with smallholder farmers for higher productivity and sustainable rice farming SeniorScientist Madonna Casimero Panel speaker
Herbicide resistant weeds in wheat-rice rotation system in Asia and their management Samunder Singh Panel speaker
Weed Management Challenges and Opportunities in smallholder rice production Panel speaker in Asia Virender Kumar | Andrew McDonald | Ram K. Malik Panel speaker
Application Technology
Drone Application and RinskorTMActive Development in China Chunhe Qu Oral
Influence of height on spray deposition pattern of an agricultural spray drone Daewon Koo | Shawn Askew | Clebson Goncalves Oral
A Weed-Sensing Sprayer Reduces Herbicide Use and Cost in Fallow Systems Ian Burke | Rachel Zuger | Lydia Fields Oral
Maximizing Herbicidal Activity of Triafamone Mixtures by Water SurfaceApplication for Sustainable Weed Management in Irrigated Direct Seeded Rice Ramisis Fulgencio | Amorn Chernchaivachirakul| Prem N Kumar Oral
Is herbicide applied using drone as efficient as when applied using terrestrial system? Roque Mauricio Palacios Zuñiga | Rubens Antonio Polito | Bruno Oliveira Novais Araújo | Eugênio Passos Schröder | Luis Antonio de Avila| Edinalvo Rabaioli Camargo | Roque Mauricio Palacios Zuñiga Oral
Spray Drift Study from Mesotrione and RimsulfuronThifensulfuron-methyl tovarious crops Milan Brankov Poster
Different forms of gliphosate application in coffee plants and its final residues in green coffee Luiz Lonardoni Foloni Poster
Performance of 2,4-D plus MCPA as influenced by ammonium sulfate and carrier water hardness mahnaz mirzaei | Mehdi Rastgoo | Eskandar Zand | Saied Jabbari-nick Poster
Comparative study of drone and knapsack sprayer for weed management in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Megha Jagtap | Gopal Shinde | Narendra khatri Poster
Efficacy of Post-Emergent Herbicides Applied Using Different Backpack Sprayers Mary Joy Abit | Analiza Henedina Ramirez Poster
Comparison Between Conventional Knapsack Sprayer with Close Loop Knapsack System (CLKS) in Controlling Weeds in Oil Palm, Corn, and Lowland Paddy Nanik Sriyani Poster
Application of nanoherbicide for sustainable weed management Ram Kumar Singh | Reshu Bhardawaj | RamNarayan Poster
Effects of Types of Novel Granule Formulations, Florpyrauxifen-benzyl Penoxsulam Benzobicyclon against paddy weeds in Japan Shota Niwayama | Wataru Kataoka | Keisuke Yashima Poster
Bioherbicides (including joint IWSS/IBG Session)
Evaluation of Bipolaris yamedae strain as a bioherbicidal agent against Echinochloa species Min Tan | Sheng Qiang Oral
Phytotoxicity in Aqueous Methanolic Extracts of Rice against Junglerice andTotal Activities of Identified Phytotoxic Compounds Thi Ho Oral
Study of Helminthosporium Gramineum Formulation for Biological Control Weeds in the Rice Field Jianping Zhang Oral
Alternaria raphani as mycoherbicidal agents of aquatic weed Alternanthera phylloxeroides Puja Ray | Jashaswi Basu | Writuparna Dutta Oral
Controlling arable weeds with the bio-based herbicide pelargonic acid Sabine Andert Oral
Herbicidal activity of a nano-mixture of eugenol and phenylethyl propionate against tribenuron-methyl resistant biotypes of Sinapis arvensis L. Sajad Mijani | Mehdi Rastgoo | Per Kudsk Oral
Effects of Environmental Condition on the Herbicidal Activity of Sclerotinia trifoliorum Su-Min Han | Do-Soon Kim | Dal-Soo Kim | Soo- Hyun Lim | Tae-Kyeong Noh | Xiaoxia Shen Oral
Screening Fungal Pathogens in diseased Microstegium vimineum as PotentialBiological Agents for Bioherbicide Development Sheng Qiang Oral
Secondary metabolites of insect symbionts and their herbicidal activity Yinglao Zhang Oral
Climate Aspect of Weed Science
Water, wind and fire: extreme climate events and the spread of invasive plants in Oral the Pacific Northwest David Clements | Jennifer Grenz Oral
Amaranthus palmeri growth under different CO2 and temperature scenarios Juliana de Souza Rodrigues | Timothy Grey Oral
The role of climate change in chemical weed management Maor Matzrafi Oral
Effect of climate change and Invasive species: Do we know enough about it? Singarayer Florentine Oral
Rise in atmospheric CO2 concentration affects weedy rice seed-shattering and the transcriptional activation of seed shattering-related genes Vívian E. Viana | Andrisa Balbinot | Luis Antonio de Avila Oral
Impact of light duration on two competitive weeds; Parthenium hysterophorus and Cannabis sativa in Pakistan Dr.Rahamdad Khan Poster
Role of climate resilient rice cultivar in managing invasive alien weeds Dr. Kathiresan Ramanathan Poster
Impact of climate change on the degradation of oxyfluorfen Selvakumar S | Chinnamuthu C R Poster
Changing Climate, Changing Weeds: Data Mining for Future Weed ManagementInsights Marty Williams Oral
Economic and Social Aspects of Weed Management
Economic Roles of Paraquat Herbicide in Farmer’s Household Incomes and Pesticide Traders in Indonesia Dedi-Budiman Hakim | Retno Nugraheni | Fitria Raswatie | Danang Pramudita, | Dian Panjaitan | Adi Hadianto Oral
Weed management and gender roles in lowland rice production systems in Lao PDR Gomathy Palaniappan Oral
Farmers’ and consultants’ perspective on application of herbicide resistance management strategies Lena Ulber | Han Zhang Oral
Productivity and profitability of maize as influenced by tillage and weed management in rice-maize-green manure system under conservation agriculture Madhavi Molluru | Ramprakash Tata Oral
Influence of integrated nutrient and weed management on yield and weed dynamics of semi dry rice (Oryza sativa) Kesipeddy Naganjai | Kandi Vani | Molluru Madhavi | Surendra Babu | Narender Reddy Oral
Bayer Is Raising the Bar to Help Farmers Manage Weeds Safely and Sustainably QIANG CHEN | Jens Peter Lampe | Arunika Anggradewi Oral
Using Ecoinformatics to estimate and characterize Herbicide Effectiveness inMaize (Zea mays) shlomi aharon Oral
Energy budgeting and economics of weed management in Green manure – Maize – Pulse based Conservation Agriculture in Semi-Arid Tropics of Southern Tamil Nadu Thirumalaikumar Ramasamy Oral
Traditional use of glyphosate to control weeds in Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico Dante Hernández | Daniela Quezada Poster
Effect of 2, 4- D Sodium salt 80 % WP on weed complex, yield and economics of rabi maize (Zea mays L.) PRATIK SANODIYA Poster
Potential yield loss in various crops due to weed interference in North America Nader Soltani Poster
Integrated Control of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in Thailand Thunyaluck Thaebanpakul Poster
Environmental Fate of Herbicides
Organic waste composts: A potential soil ameliorant for preventing herbicidesrunoff along-with maintaining soil health Anil Duhan Poster
Residual Phytotoxic Activity of Glufosinate-Ammonium in Soil Ching-Jen Su Poster
Bio-efficacy study of flumioxazin 50 % SC against major broad leaf & grassyweeds in groundnut and its residual effect on succeeding wheat dilip singh Poster
Weed response in winter wheat fields on a gradient of glyphosate use in the recent past Sabine Andert | Friederike de Mol | Laurie Koning | Bärbel Gerowitt Poster
Integrated Weed Management
Influence of tillage practice and weed management on productivity of Maize – Sunflower cropping system under semi arid tropical climatic condition Murali Arthanari Palanisamy Oral
Genetically Modified Eucalyptus Tolerant to glyphosate - an Effective Tool on Integrated Weed Management Ana Pinheiro | Thais Drezza | Maria Galan |Alexandre Manoeli | Carolina Rocha | Anselmo dos Santos Oral
Emergence of resistance in Phalaris minor to the prevalent wheat herbicides in India: Development of an integrated management strategy Makhan Singh Bhullar | Manpreet Singh | Gurpreet Kaur | Jasvir Singh Gill | Tarundeep Kaur Oral
Integrated Weed Management in maize: crop rotation and PRE herbicides Milan Brankov | Vesna Dragičević Oral
Herbicide Tolerant Crops: A New Component Technology of Integrated Weed Management for Crop Production in India Agriculture Chinnusamy Chinnagounder Oral
Sustainable use of glyphosate in European Mediterranean croping systems Dimosthenis Chachalis Oral
Influence of water regimes and herbicides for control of purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus) Duy Le Oral
Efficacy and selectivity of tolpyralate 400 SC in tank-mixture with atrazine in winter corn (Zea mays) in Mato Grosso State, Brazil Gabrielle Macedo | Fernanda Nunes Bressanin | Walter José Souza Buzatti Oral
Evaluation of agronomic traits and ecosystem services provided by sulfonylurea- resistant camelina sativa and Brassica napus James Anderson | Brant Bigger | Kirk Howatt | Joseph Mettler | Marisol Berti Oral
Efficacy of Integrated Weed Management in Peanut and Cotton Systems utilizingHigh Resiude Cover Crop Katilyn Price | Steve Li Oral
Weed control in oil palm yield building phase with a formulation of flumioxacin plus glufosinate ammonium. Frank Ekhator | Celestine Ikuenobe | Celestina  Okeke Oral
System of Rice Intensification (SRI) for its potential to sustainable weed management and enhance the productivity of rice (Oryzea sativa. L.) in irrigatedrice Rapolu Mahender Kumar | B Sreedevi | Mangaldeep Tuti | VijayKumar S | Prasad BabuMBB | Surekha Kuchi Oral
Performance of wheat under different cotton stalk and herbicide management practices in cotton-wheat cropping system Navish Kumar Kamboj Oral
Chemical weed management in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) DRNEESHU JOSHI Oral
Impact of organic manures and intercrops on weed management in maize Dr. RM Kathiresan Oral
Growth and Yield Performance of newly released aerobic rice varieties undervaried weed pressure Sreedevi Banugu Oral
System based herbicides application and their effect on weed flora, productivity, soil properties in transplanted rice – rice cropping system Murali Arthanari Palanisamy | Bharathi Chandrasekaran Poster
Weed control in elephant grass pasture with pre-emergence herbicides Alexandre Brighenti | Leonardo Calsavara Poster
Carotenoid biosynthesis inhibiting herbicides alone or in tank-mix with atrazine in elephant grass pasture Alexandre Brighenti | Leonardo Calssavara Poster
Integrated weed management in olive orchards: Weed diversity, crop production and quality Jose L Gonzalez-Andujar | Veronica Pedraza | Juan A. Lezaun | Veronica Pedraza Poster
Integrated Weed Management for Minimized Use of Glyphosate and Paraquat in Sugarcane PRUCHYA EKKATHIN Poster
Integrated Weed Management for Minimized Use of Glyphosate in Oil Palm yurawan anantanmanee Poster
Influence of different weed control measures on angelica (Angelica archangelica L.) root mass Jovan Lazarević | Dragana Božić | Sava Vrbničanin Poster
Evaluation of Broad leaf Weed Herbicides on Weed Control and Productivity ofWheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Kassahun Zewdie Poster
Influence of Brassica carinata Cropping System on Weed Population Dynamics and Emergence Patterns Pratap Devkota | Ruby Tiwari | Theresa A Reinhardt Piskáčková | Ramon G Leon Poster
Pre and Post Emergent Control of Digitaria sanguinalis and Panicum texanum Ryan Langemeier Poster
Control of Miscanthus by combining glyphosate and mowing Jae hyoung You | Do-Soon Kim | Yeon-Ho Park | Tae-Kyoung Noh Poster
Efficacy of pre- and post-emergence herbicide for controlling Digitaria sacchariflora (Nees) Henrard in pineapple plantations Sirichai Sahuwijarn Poster
Bio-efficacy of Ready Mix Post-emergence Herbicides in Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] and Their Residual Effect on Succeeding Rabi Crops UDITI DHAKAD | BALDEV RAM | RAJENDRA KUMAR YADAV | DHUNI LAL YADAV | PRATAP SINGH Poster
Efficacy of Post Emergence Herbicides for Weed Management in Mungbean [Vigna radiata (L.) Hepper] Shankar Lal Yadav Poster
Biological performance of tolpyralate with nicosulfuron mixture as post- emergence herbicide application for corn (Zea mays) production Shota Fukuda | Taketo Suganuma | Yoshikazu Satake | Yosuke Kobayashi | Hiroshi Kikugawa | Makiko Sano Poster
Invasive and Parasitic Plants Species
Staking Drought Tolerance and Parasitic Weed Resistance in Hybrid Maize to Enhance Resilience to Stress Abebe Menkir Oral
Management of Phelipanche aegyptiaca in cabbage (Brassica oleracea var.capitate) Amit Wallach | Hanan Eizenberg | Guy Achdari Oral
Weedy Erigeron Species Needs Sustainable Control Strategies in warming world Ahmet Uludag | Kassim Al-khatib | İlhan Üremiş | Deniz İnci Oral
Some Aspects of Forest Invasive Weeds and their Management Dr Raj Prasad Oral
Hyperspectral imaging facilitates early recognition of Orobanche cumana below- ground parasitism on sunflower under field conditions Guy Atsmon | Hanan Eizenberg | Ran Lati Oral
Cover crops to weeds control in rambutan Nephelium lappaseum L. orchards in Chiapas, México Dante Hernández-Sedas Oral
Genomic characterization of sunflower resistance to sunflower broomrape (Orobanche cumana) Dana Sisou Oral
Allelopathic effects of invasive weeds on Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Dr. Rahamdad Khan Oral
Effects of Canopy Light Interception by Alien Weeds on Soybean Growth and Yield Ji Ae Yu Oral
Effects of maize-weeds competition on light interception and growth of crop andweeds Rahmattullah Nur | Ji-Ae You | Sumin Han | Soo-Hyun Lim | Do-Soon Kim Oral
Phenotypic variation among populations of the invasive weed Parthenium hysterophorus as a tool to assess multiple introductions Sahar Malka | Hanan Eizenberg | Maor Matzrafi Oral
Severity of Parthenium hysterophorus in agro-ecosystems of south-westernBangladesh Sheikh Muhammad Masum | MohammadShamim Hasan Mandal | Abdul Halim Oral
Interference of invasive alien weeds reduced vegetation diversity Soo-Hyun Lim | Ji-Ae Yu | Won-Cheol Lee | Su- Min Han | Jin-Won Kim | Do-Soon Kim Oral
Host Range of Mistletoes in Middlebelt of Nigeria and Farmers' Coping Strategies Rosemary Ahom | Samuel Tsenongu | Ibrahim Abdul | Zitta Changbol Oral
Phenological plasticity in exotic weeds towards environmental variables as a predictor of their potential invasiveness Amarpreet Kaur | Ravinder Kohli | Daizy Batish Poster
Grass Urochloa mutica x U. arrecta (Brachipará grass) introduced as cattlefodder, invades Caribbean wetlands of Costa Rica Fernando Ramirez Poster
Discrimination and mapping of invasive plants in Protected areas of Pakistan using remote sensing Iram Iqbal | Asad Shabbir | Heiko Balzter Poster
Control of Ailanthus altissima in a natural ecosystem Jordi Figarola | Joan Vilamú | Jordi Soler Poster
Strategy to Control Cyperus rotundus in Turfgrass in the Low Desert of the Southwest United States Kai Umeda Poster
Interception of Weed Seeds in Imported Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)Seeds Chanpis Dathamart Poster
ALS inhibitor–resistant Cyperus difformis seed germination requires fewer growing degree-days and lower soil moisture Rafael Munhoz Pedroso Poster
A population model for Integrated Weed Management of Phalaris minor in rice- wheat cropping systems in India Chun Liu | Tarundeep Kaur | Makhan Bhullar Oral
Are closely related weedy species regulated by the same demographic transitions? Jane Molofsky | Dominik Thom | Stephen Keller Oral
Spatial-temporal aspects of weeds distribution within fields Lior Blank | Roni Gafni | Nitzan Birger | Gal Rozenberg Oral
Herbicide resistance prediction. Comparison between a mechanistic model vs arandom forest model. Roland Beffa | Nicolas Remy | JohannesHerrmann | Janin Rumland | Otto Richter Oral
A regional scale-study of the contribution of local, management and climatic variables on Amaranthus spp. infestation in processing tomato Roni Gafni | Hanan Eizenberg | Lior Blank Oral
Long-term competitiveness of different weed species in a wheat-leguminousrotation Jose L. Gozalez-Andujar | Fernando Bastida |Maria Jesus Aguilera Poster
Modeling the Effect of Reduced Herbicide Doses and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Broad Bean (Vicia faba L.)-Weed Competition Elham Elahifard | Maryam Sepahvand | Abolfazl Derakhshan Poster
Modelling the Effects of Bidens frondosa Competition on Soybean Yield in thePaddy-upland Rotation Field Woncheol Lee Poster
Development of a temperature-based seed germination model for silverleaf nightshade (Solanum elaeagnifolium) Omer Kapiluto Poster
New Technology For Weed Management
Laser weeding with a 2 µm fiber laser: The effect on weeds and the environment Christian Andreasen Oral
Smart and slow-release nanoencapsulated herbicide formulations for effective weed control in the rainfed and irrigated ecosystem C. R.Chinnamuthu Oral
Maize (Zea mays) Seed Coating with Acetolactate Synthase (ALS)-inhibitors for Control of Striga hermonthica David Chikoye | Abebe Menkir Oral
GROW: An International Research Network for Precision Integrated WeedManagement Eugene Law | Victoria Ackroyd | Steven Mirsky Oral
Sustainable Use of Herbicides Using Digital and Precision Application Technologies Joanna Davies | Haytham Shbaita Oral
Pairing nanoparticles with FANA technology for spray-on gene silencing inweeds Katie Martin | Veenu Aishwarya | Todd Gaines Oral
Training a ConvNet for Hierarchical multi-label Classification of Weed Images Mads Dyrmann | Søren Kelstrup Skovsen Oral
Required Input Information for Sustainable Weed Management StrategiesEnabled by Autonomous In-Field Intervention Technology Marie Zingsheim Oral
Crop Herbicide Tolerance Evaluation using UAV Based Remote Sensing Ryan Langemeier Oral
Harvest Weed Seed Control (HWSC) as a Tool for Weed Management in Arable Crops in Israel Ing.Baruch Rubin | Yossi Kashti | J. Kigel | D. Bonfil | O. Keisar | Moshe Sibony | Idan Shachar Roth Oral
Weed Mapping using High-Resolution UAV Images and Deep Learning Søren Skovsen | Andreas Siggaard | Mathias Hansen Oral
NovlectTM 120 EC – A post emergence herbicide for broad-spectrum weed control in direct seeded rice in India Sunil Kumar Oral
Determination of the Critical Period for Weed Control in Maize Production after Rice and Weed Mapping by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Suphannika Intanon | Patthaphong Patthamachit| Sittichai Choosumrong | Wanwisa Pansak Oral
Deciphering the Role of 4-Hydroxyphenylpyruvate Dioxygenase as a Potential Abiotic Stress Sensor by In Situ Real-Time Fluorescence Imaging in Vivo Wen-Chao Yang Oral
Our first results towards developing RNAi for weed management Vívian E. Viana | Rubens Antonio Polito |Edinalvo R. Camargo | Luis Antonio de Avila Oral
TVE29: A New Mode-of-Action Herbicide Interfering with de Novo Pyrimidine Biosynthesis for Effective Management of Herbicide-Resistant Grass Weeds Globally Atul Puri, Yafei Pan, Thomas Selby & Steve Gutteridge Oral
Formulation and Application Technology for weed management in rice field : Excellent Weed Control in Combination with Non-Uniform Ultra-Low Volume Drip Application and Self-spreading SC formulation Yoshitaka Sato Oral
Applications of digital tools in weed detection, mapping, and precision integrated management Muthu Bagavathiannan Oral
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) in weed management of wheat fields Alireza Atri Poster
Post-emergent herbicidal activity of nanoatrazine against weeds sensitive andtolerant to the atrazine Bruno Teixeira de Sousa Poster
Using Unmanned Aerial System to Determine Impact of Glufosinate Drift on Peanut Pratap Devkota | Navjot Singh | Joseph E. Iboyi Poster
Weedy rice control with imazethapyr loaded in an alginate/cellulosemicrocapsules Vinicios Gehrke | Edinalvo Camargo | AndréFajardo | Andressa Nörnberg Poster
Field validation of VIPS-weeds decision support system for weed management in Norway Zahra Bitarafan | Einar Strand | Per Rydahl |  Kirsten Semb Tørresen Poster
New Technology For Weed Management
Chaff Lining Harvest Weed Seed Control in Colorado Dryland Crops Andre Lucas Simoes Araujo | Eric Westra | Todd Gaines Oral
Cover-crops as a mean to reduce herbicide use in field crops and their effect on weed community structure Gal Rozenberg | Lior Blank | Yohay Carmel Oral
Cover crops in Mediterranean vineyards – use of natural and sown plants for weed management and wine quality Ido Walk | Yishai Netzer | Yaakov Goldwasser | Moshe Sibony | Baruch Rubin Oral
Revealing the interaction between compost rate and non-chemical weed control methods on control efficacy in organic field crops itai shulner | Meidad Kissinger | Ran nisim Lati Oral
Screening of rice genotypes for their weed competitiveness in Lao PDR laeh Homsengchanh Oral
Potential of Harvest Weed Seed Control for Alopecurus myosuroides Huds.control Lena Ulber Oral
Herbicidal Activity of Digera muricata against Melilotus indicus and Identification of Allelochemicals Muhammad Akbar | Tayyaba Khalil | Ali Raza Oral
Mulching for weed control in aerobic rice Sreedevi Banugu Oral
Weed Control Measurements for Organic Rice Production Xiang Qu | Sheng Qiang Poster
Mechanical intra row control affected by Species specific uprooting force Evyatar Asaf | Hanan Eizenberg | Ran Lati Poster
A Sclerotial Mycoherbicide for Management of an Invasive Ecosystem-disturbing plant, Sicyos angulatus, in Korea Hwi-Seo Jang | Dae-Han Chae | Dalsoo Kim | Sun-Hee Hong Poster
Aquatic weed removal with a rake to optimize water delivery JIRAWAT PHUPHANUTADA Poster
Evaluation of allelopathic aqueous extracts of plant and weed extracts for managing weeds in pulses through UAV (Drone) Application Technique Karthik Karuppanan | Akshaya T | Bhanesh Sharma A.S | Renuga J | Thirumalai Kumar R Poster
Efficacy of integrated weed management in peanut and cotton systems utilizing high residue cover crop Katilyn Price | Steve Li Poster
Soil solarization – A non-chemical method for weed growth control in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) Megha Jagtap | Gajanan Gadade | Yogesh Shinde Poster
Effect of non-chemical weed management practices on productivity of baby corn Roshan Choudhary Poster
Evaluation of weed management practices under organic production system on Yield and economics in soybean-chickpea cropping sequence” Wasudeo Narkhede Poster
Killing Weed Seeds in Chaff by Pelletizing Chaff for Further Utilization Zahra Bitarafan | Christoph Glasner | ChristianAndreasen Poster
Soil Steaming to Kill Barnyard Grass Seeds in Contaminated Soils Zahra Bitarafan | Wiktoria Kaczmarek-Derda | Therese With Berge | Lars Olav Brandsæter | Kirsten Semb Tørresen | Inger Sundheim Fløistad Poster
Physiology Of Plants and Herbicide Interaction
Benoxacor, fenclorim, and melatonin as potential safeners in protecting tomato against 2,4-D drift Tabata Oliveira | Edicarlos Castro | Josiane Argenta | Shaun Broderick | Te Ming Tseng Oral
Early Diagnosis of Herbicide Activity and Mode of Action using Chlorophyll Fluorescence Image Analysis Seung-hui Mun | Do-soon Kim | Hyungsuk Kimm| Tae-Kyeong Noh Oral
Stress memory mechanism involved in reducing Eragrostis plana sensitivity to glyphosate herbicide Marcus Vinícius Fipke | Anderson da Rosa Feijó  | Andrisa Balbinot | Tamara Heck | Franck E.Dayan | Vivian Ebling Viana Oral
Carbohydrate dynamics in roots of Cirsium arvense and Sonchus arvensis Marian Weigel | Sabine Andert | Bärbel Gerowitt | Jürgen Müller Oral
Investigating the mode of action of daimuron in reducing the phytotoxicity of various herbicides in rice Yuki Morimoto | Satoshi Iwakami | Kohei Kurata Oral
Understanding resistance patterns to auxin herbicides with dual-luciferaseassays in Arabidopsis thaliana protoplasts. Sofia Marques Hill | Todd Gaines | Franck Dayan | Chad Sayer | Christopher Preston | Mahima Krishnan Oral
Herbicide Bioassay using Multi-well plate and Spectral Image Analysis Seungmin Jeon Oral
Watergrass (Echinochloa spp.) in California Rice: Phenotypes and Herbicide Susceptibility Whitney Brim-DeForest | Taiyu Guan | Troy Clark Oral
Effect of Single and Tank-Mix of Selected Herbicides on Weed Control and Yield of Lowland Rice (Oryza saliva L.) in Lafia, Nasarawa State Abdullahi Jaji Ibrahim | Alfred Aondona Jimin Poster
Seed production potential of Echinochloa colona exposed to sublethal herbicidedoses and high-temperature stress Juan Velasquez Poster
Florpyrauxifen-Benzyl Selectivity to Rice Juan Velasquez Poster
Evaluation of Glufosinate Ammonium Post-Emergent Herbicide in Combination with Several Pre-Emergent Herbicides in Prolonging the Period of Weed Controlin Circles of Immature Oil Palm Meor Badli Shah Ahmad Rafie | Samsudin Amit Poster
Diagnosis of Herbicide Activity and Mode of Action using Spectral Image Analysis Tae-Kyeong Noh | Do-Soon Kim | Taek-Sung Lee | Ga-Hyun Song Poster
A mutation in a transcription factor imparts non-target site herbicide resistance inrice Srishti Gupta | Todd A. Gaines | Franck E.Dayan | Caleb Knepper | Venu Channarayappa Poster
Weed Biology and Ecology
Determination of Echinochloa P. Beauv. spp. and their some lower taxa in rice fields in the Edirne Province of Türkiye Ahmet Uludag | Onur Göktepe | Necmi Aksoy Oral
The Weed Seed Buffet: How and Why Do Carabid Seed Predators Choose Among Weed Seeds? Christian Willenborg | Khaldoun Ali | Boyd Mori Oral
Efficient weed management in legume-based cropping for higher productivity and income augmentation Chaitanya Prasad Nath | Narendra Kumar | K.K. Hazra | C.S. Praharaj | Asik Dutta Oral
Light and temperature affect the germination of barnyard grass in drill sown rice in Australia Jhoana Opena | James Pratley | Hanwen Wu | Bharathi Chandrasekaran Oral
Rice weed seed contamination of farmers’ retained and certified seeds in LaoPDR Khamtay Vongxayya Oral
Thermal time to emergence of California accessions of Oryza sativa f. spontanea under flooded field conditions Dr.Liberty Galvin Oral
Distribution Characteristics of Echinochloa Species in Chinese Rice Fields: ACase Survey on 73 Sites Yongliang Lu | Liyao Dong Oral
Temperature-dependent mechanisms of blackgrass seed dormancy and after- ripening Nahema Venceslai | Kazumi Nakabayashi Oral
Effects of salinity on weed and crop species germination Nebojša Nikolić | Michela Schiavon | AuroraGhirardelli | Roberta Masin Oral
Long term effect of grain legumes and management practices on weed seedbank Narendra Kumar | Chandra Shekhar Praharaj | Kali Krishna Hazra | Chaitanya Prasad Nath Oral
Weed interference and seed bank dynamics under a conservation agriculture- based maize-wheat-mungbean system Sonaka Ghosh Oral
Effect of Light, temperature, and sowing depth with different straws on germination of Chamaesyce hirta Vanessa Vital Silva | Te-Ming Tseng | Rubem Oliveira Jr. | Luiz Ferreira | Naira Freitas Oral
Seed production and shattering of barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) in response to time of emergence and crop geometry in transplanted rice S Vijayakumar | Sanjay Saha | P Saravanane Oral
Response of selected weedy rice populations to varying nitrogen rates. Analiza Henedina Ramirez | Mary Joy Abit Poster
Insights into the Genetic Spatial Structure of Nicaraguan Weedy Rice andControl of Its Seed Spread DONG-HONG WU Poster
Floristic Composition of Seedbanks after Six Years of Integrated Cropping Systems Fernanda Satie Ikeda Poster
Floristic composition of soil seedbank following five years of integrated crop-livestock-forestry systems and shading levels Fernanda Satie Ikeda Poster
Balance of Air and Soil Temperatures required for crop and weed growth for a greenhouse experiment JIEUN LEE | Won-Cheol Lee | Min-Jung Yook | Soo Hyun Lim | Seung-Hui Mun | Do-Soon Kim Poster
Morphological characterization of advanced generations of hybrids between Aegilops geniculata and wheat. Seed burial effect on the emergence of the F5hybrid generation IÑIGO LOUREIRO | CONCEPCIÓN ESCORIAL| CRISTINA CHUECA Poster
Climate change may compromise ecosystem services of grass groundcovers in Mediterranean olive groves: impact of increased aridity on weed fecundity and performance. Laura Ruiz-Torres Poster
Performance of Panicum maximum on Soil Contaminated with Heavy Metals in Cameroon Ayeoffe Fontem Lum | David Chikoye Poster
The effect of grazing on grassland plant communities in Praděd Natural Reserve (Czech Republic) Michaela Kolarova | Radek Stencl | Marie Mrazkova | Josef Holec Poster
Investigating invasion risk of cultivation new forage amaranth (Amaranthus hypochonriacus) in Iran Dr. noushin nezamabadi Poster
Weed Issue in Asia
Potential impact of tillage and residue management on weed dynamics andclimatic resilient rice-wheat crop production in north-western Indo-Gangetic Plains of India Ankur Chaudhary | Dharam Bir Yadav | Ashok Yadav | Satbir Singh Punia | Todar Mal Poonia Oral
Weed management strategies for rice-based cropping system in Bangladesh: Present status and future needs Khairul Bhuiyan Oral
Farmers’ Perception on the Characteristics and Management of Weedy Rice inSouthern Luzon, Philippines Clare Hazel Tabernilla | Priscilla Barcial | AnalizaHenedina Ramirez Oral
Comparative study on morphological characteristics of weedy rice in the Mekong Delta Cuong Nguyen Oral
Direct Seeded Rice and Zero Tillage Wheat in North-Western India: WeedIssues and Sustainability Dharam Bir Yadav | Gurjeet Gill | R.K. Malik |Ashok Yadav Oral
Current weed management practices and obstacles in rainfed lowland direct seeded rice systems in Southern Cambodia Sophornthida Lim Oral
Conservation Agriculture – A Boon for Weed Management in Asia Udai Pratap | Virender Kumar | Sitesh Jha | Anurag Upadhyay | Kajal Verma | Nikhil KumarSingh Oral
Checklist and Distribution of Alien Plants in Kinabalu Park, Sabah, Malaysia Vanielie Terrence Justine | Nasrulhakim Maidin | Thor Seng Liew Oral
Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) response and weed control efficacy of pre-plant-incorporated of pendimethalin Guy Achdari Poster
Standardization of spray technique for PRE herbicides in ZT-wheat with rice residue retention Chaul Chaudhary | Dharam Bir Yadav | Ashok Yadav | VS Hooda Poster
Weed management in direct seeded rice through herbicide combinations under different tillage practices in eastern Indian Deepak Kumar Jaiswal | Buddhadeb Duary Poster
Genetic variation of weedy rice biotypes found in rice areas in the Philippines Leylani Juliano | Xavier Greg Caguiat | Editha Evangelista | Edwin Martin | Analiza Ramirez Poster
Effect of cultivation methods and weed management practices on productivity of rice in red and laterite soil of West Bengal Mahua Banerjee Poster
Herbicidal Performance of Tolpyralate in Indian Corn Fields Ryu Yamada Poster
Weed Omics
Cytochrome P450 gene of family 72 is involved in tembotrione metabolism in HPPD-resistant Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) Carlos Rigon | Todd Gaines Oral
Transcriptomic Analysis of the Rapid Response Biotype of Glyphosate Resistant Ambrosia trifida (Giant Ragweed) Crystal Sparks | Christopher Van Horn | Phil Westra | Franck Dayan | Todd Gaines | RolandBeffa Oral
Use of a combined transcriptomics and association mapping approach to determine the non-target-site based gene(s) involved in atrazine resistance in Amaranthus palmeri Shiv (Deepak) Kaundun | Sarah-Jane Hutchings| Lucy Jackson Oral
Miscanthus sinensis, a noxious perennial weed now under domestication into a bioenergy crop based on its genome-wide association study Yeoh-Ho Park | Do-Soon Kim | Hee-Jong Koh | Min-Jung Yook | Jae-Hyoung You | Tae-Kyoung Noh Oral
The International Weed Genomics Consortium: a resource for weed genomics Sarah Morran | Todd Gaines Oral
Digital Seedbank: An integrative approach to understanding weed seedbank dynamics Thomas Holloway | Gerhard Leubner-Metzger Oral
Weed Resistance
Herbicide resistant genes located on heterologous chromosomes can reduce the risk of gene flow in resistant crops zicheng Shao | Sheng Qiang | Xiaoling Song Oral
Structure-based design, binding mode, and resistance profile of the new BASF PPO-inhibiting herbicide Trifludimoxazin (Tirexor) Aimone Porri | Douglas Findley | Michael Betz | Jens Lerchl | Raphael Aponte Oral
Inheritance of 2,4-D resistance in Conyza sumatrensis population from Brazil Andre Lucas Simoes Araujo | Camila Ferreira de Pinho | Todd Gaines | Sarah Morran | Amanda dos Santos Souza | Jessica Ferreira LourençoLeal Oral
Herbicide Resistance Correlates with Seed Dormancy and Seed Biomass in Italian Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) Aniruddha Maity | Vijay Singh | Muthukumar Bagavathiannan | Russell Jessup Oral
Can Agriculture 4.0 solve the challenge of global weed resistance? Bodo Peters Oral
Herbicide mixture decreases Echinochloa crus-galli control and increase the expression of detoxification genes Carlos Rigon | Aldo Merotto Oral
Dispersal of ACCase-Resistant Sourgrass across Brazilian agricultural production areas Claudia Oliveira | Rosana Marzari Thomasi | Sandra Mariz Mathioni | Lúcio Nunes Lemes | Eduardo Garcia Ozorio Oral
Monitoring of EPSPS and ACCase herbicide-resistance in goosegrass in Brazil Claudia Oliveira | Eduardo Garcia Ozorio | Lúcio Nunes Lemes | Sandra Mariza Mathioni | Rosana Marzari Thomasi Oral
Usage of molecular genotyping to confirm target-site resistance to ALS- and ACCase inhibitor herbicides in Lolium spp. species from South Africa Hestia Nienaber Oral
Cross-resistance of common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) to ALS- inhibiting herbicides, and management options in dominant arable crops in Serbia Goran Malidža Oral
Amaranthus tuberculatus - invasive and multiple herbicide-resistant weed inIsrael Idan Shacher Roth | Inon Yadid | Aviv Singer |Zvi Peleg | Moshe Sibony | Baruch Rubin Oral
Understanding a new mechanism of resistance to dicamba in Bassia scoparia Jacob Montgomery | Todd Gaines | Phillip Westra | Franck Dayan | Sarah Morran | Neeta Soni Oral
Implementation of the Resistance In-Season Quick test for Phalaris minor inwheat fields of Northern India Jitendra Kumar | Shiv Shankhar Kaundun |Manojit Ghosh Oral
Mechanisms of herbicide resistance in Amaranthus species in South Africa Juan Vorster | Nhlanhla Shibangu | Adelaide Simelane | Charl Reinhardt Oral
Investigating herbicide-resistance mechanisms in Echinochloa phyllopogon found in Japan Tomomi Kubo | Satoshi Iwakami | Akira Uchino Oral
Spatial patterns of natural variation in the resistance to herbicides in the Sinapis alba L., Brassicaceae (White Mustard) Laura Ruiz Torres | Luisa María Martínez Martínez | Antonio José Manzaneda Ávia Oral
Temperature affects the metabolic-based florpyrauxifen-benzyl resistance inEchinochloa crus-galli Luan Cutti | Aldo Merotto | Todd Gaines Oral
Transgene escape from corn confer resistance to glyphosate in teosinte Luan Cutti | Aldo Merotto | Todd Gaines Oral
Involvement of GS2 amplification and overexpression in Amaranthus palmeri resistance to glufosinate Matheus M Noguera | Nilda Roma-Burgos | Jens Lerchl | Frank Brandle | James Heiser | Isabel SWerle Oral
Thiobencarb resistance mechanism in late watergrass (Echinochloa phyllopogon) is distinct from CYP81A-based cross-resistance NIÑA GRACEL DIMAANO | Satoshi Iwakami | Tohru Tominaga Oral
Cross-resistance of Echinochloa spp. to auxinic herbicides: a case of pre-selection Nilda Roma-Burgos Oral
Resistance mechanism of auxin-herbicide quinclorac in late watergrass Pattarasuda Chayapakdee Oral
Herbicide-Resistant Weeds Jeopardize Sustainability of Arable Crops Baruch Rubin Oral
Cross and Multiple Resistance Profile to ACCase and ALS Inhibitor Herbicides in Winter Wild Oat (Avena sterilis subsp. ludoviciana (Durieu) Gillet & Magne) Populations Hamidreza Sasanfar | Dr.Eskandar Zand | Dr.Abdolreza Bagheri | Dr.Mohammad Hassan Rashed Mohassel | Dr.Nilda Roma-Burgos | Mehdi Rastgoo Oral
Herbicide Resistant Development in Grass Weed Populations across WheatFields of Iran over a Quarter of a Century Hamidreza Sasanfar | Eskandar Zand Oral
Florpyrauxifen sensitivity variation between East Asian and American Echinochloa oryzicola XIAOXIA SHEN Oral
Searching for the genomic region responsible for multiple-herbicide resistance inEchinochloa phyllopogon Kai Sugiura | Satoshi Iwakami Oral
Phenotyping of Amaranthus hybridus biotypes carring two different allelic variants of acetolactate synthase (ALS) Silvia Panozzo | Samuele Pinton | Andrea Milani Oral
Resistance validation in Phalaris minor and management at Farmers’ fields inwheat. Todar Mal Poonia Oral
A Pro197Ser mutation confers cross-resistance to ALS-inhibiting herbicides in Erigeron sumatrensis in Brazil Vanessa Francieli Vital Silva | Te-Ming Tseng | Rubem Oliveira Jr. | Andreia Suzukawa | Fernando Adegas | Rafael Mendes Oral
Diverse mutations in Acetolactate synthase genes in Glebionis coronaria populations resistant to Tribenuron-ethyl Yosra Menchari | Tohru Tominaga | Yoshiko Shimono | Satoshi Iwakami Oral
An Insight of Quinclorac Resistance Mechanism in Early Water Grass (Echinochloa oryzoides) Muhammad Zia Ul Haq Oral
Trascriptome analysis of Conyza sumatensis resistant to 2,4-D caused by rapid necrosis Aldo Merotto | Paula Angonese | Catarine Markus | Guilherme Turra Oral
Light and temperature affect the germination of barnyard grass in drill sown rice in Australia Aldo Merotto Oral
Complaint follow-up for early detection of herbicide weed resistance: a tool forfarmer profitability Alberto Collavo Poster
To change or not to change: fitness costs associated with four mutantacetolactate synthase alleles giving herbicide resistance in Amaranthus palmeri from Spain Alfredo Manicardi | Joel Torra Farré | Jorge Lozano-Juste Poster
Rotation of Herbicide Modes of Action is Effective to Control Multiple Resistancein Barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli ) Populations in Thailand Pruchya Ekkathin Poster
Getting Farmers to Adopt Integrated Weed Management Measures – Show Them it Pays Off Bodo Peters Poster
Reduction of Translocation as Mechanism of Resistance in Conyza sumatrensisResistant to 2,4-D Camila Pinho | Jéssica Leal | Amanda Souza |André Simões | Sott Nisen | Todd Gaines Poster
Epigenetic regulation, flavonoid synthesis, and its influence on imazethapyr herbicide tolerance Catarine Markus | \'Aldo Merotto Jr. | \'Ales Pecinka Poster
Distribution of paraquat-resistant Eleusine indica in Corn fields in North Sumatra Edison Purba | Nursa\'adah Nursa\'adah | Octavianus Sinuraya | Midzon L. I Johannis Poster
Weed resistance identification potential by NIR spectroscopy Andreísa Flores Braga | Luis Carlos da Cunha Júnior | Juliana de Souza Rodrigues | Renata Thaysa da Silva Santos | Pedro Luis da Costa Aguiar Alves Poster
¿Can Eleusine indica evolving resistance to glyphosate hinder chemical management in Spanish vineyards? GERMAN MARIN | Alfredo Manicardi | Joel Torra | Jordi Recasens Poster
Two Novel Approaches to Herbicide Discovery to Better Confront Resistance: Compounds that are multisite inhibitors and/or target protein-protein interactions Jonathan Gressel Poster
Response of Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) Beauv. populations to the ALS-inhibiting herbicide nicosulfuron IÑIGO LOUREIRO | MARÍA ARIAS-MARTÍN | CONCEPCIÓN ESCORIAL | ZEUS HORNOS Poster
Occurrence of pyrazosulfuron-ethyl resistance in a population of Fimbristylis miliacea (L.) Vahl. in paddy fields Mongkol Sripeangchan Poster
Extensive herbicide resistance testing across the Australian continent: what have we discovered? Roberto Busi | Hugh Beckie | Danica Goggin Poster
Cross-Resistance of the Troublesome Grass Weeds to Commonly UsedACCase-Inhibiting Herbicides of Canola Hamidreza Sasanfar | Eskandar Zand |Mohammad Hosein Zamani Poster
Phenotyping resistance to pre-emergent herbicides in Lolium rigidum populations to enable genetic mapping Sofía Marques Hill | Todd Gaines | Roberto Busi Poster
Integrated Weed Management Strategies for the Depletion of Multiple-Herbicide-Resistant Waterhemp seed in the soil seed bank Nader Soltani | Peters H. Sikkema Poster
Identification of Lolium rigidum gaud. resistance to Clodinafop propargyl herbicide from wheat field of Golestan province Ali Tavassoli | Rafael De Prado | Marai D. Osuna| Escandar zand | Farshid ghaderifar | Javid Gherekhloo Poster
Innovative approaches for quick susceptibility monitoring in Echinochloa species against Triafamone Wei Zheng Poster